Pink saturday-my pink dreamhouse!


My pink entrance and my pink bike...

My pink bedroom...

My pink bathroom...

My pink livingroom..

The pink girlsroom...

My pink hallway...

My pink patio...

have a great pink saturday everyone, look here for more pinkness: Beverly!

Tonight I`m going out for the last time with work! We`re having dinner at the best restaurant in town! It`s sad leaving, but now I`m ready for a new chapter in my life!

(Photo 1:, Photo 2: Photo 3: Photo 4: Photo 5: Home&garden Photo 6:


  1. What a sweet Pink Saturday blog post! There's just something about the color pink that brings out the best of everything☺

    ♥Have a wonderful weekend. Finally warm and sunny here, hope your neck of the woods is just as pink-a-licious as mine♥

  2. You assembled some wonderful images to create an interesting post. Thank you for sharing the images with us. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. That would be any pink lover's dream house! That Audrey Hepburn rug is amazing! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Of course we love this pink dream house. It would be so fantastic to be able to create such a beautiful home.

    Good luck with the changes you are making. And, Happy Pink Saturday.

  5. Happy Pink Saturday! Love the pink dream house. you put together so many lovely pink images. I enjoyed seeing each of them!

    Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your weekend!


  6. Sånn har jeg det også hjemme, rosa så langt øye kan se..hihi..nydelig når rosafargen heller litt mot lilla. Det badet hadde jeg tatt anytime, heelt fantastisk!! Lykke til med ditt nye kapitel!!

  7. Your dream house looks just like mine. I love the photo in front of pink house, especially the bike. Happy Pink Saturday to you and have a lovely new week.

  8. Wishing you well in the next phase of your life!

    I love the pink house and matching bycicle, what fun. Happy Pink Saturday!


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