Today I had the nicest surprise when I got home from studying with my friend! Leann at the most fabulous blog you can imagine, Fabulously french had given me an award! It`s an honour to recieve an award from such a fantastic blogger!! Thank you so much, Leann!! And here`s what she had to say about my blog:
"AK`s blog is like a breath of fresh air. J`aime beaucoup!"

I had to say 7 things that makes me awe-summm ,and that was quite a challenge...But here`s the 7 things:
1. I`m a person who laugh a lot, I`m always doing my best to make other people happy!
2. I think of myself as a fair person , I try the best I can to see two sides of every story!
3. I work hard, i`m not a lazy person!
4. I can see potensial in most things and people
5. I try to live each day to the full, I think life is too short to worry about the little things!
6. I`m an honest and loyal person.. Secrets are safe with me
7. I don`t take myself too seriouslly, I can laugh at my mistakes and I know well that I`m not perfect!
And I had pass this award to seven blogs that I love, and they are:

Frøken Paris
- who has the most wonderful blog where she`s blogging about her everyday-life in Paris among other things!

Fjellrosa og livet under stjernene
- a beautiful blog of an interiorstylist who takes the most wonderful pictures and makes lovely jewellery! She also has her own online-store: My little vintage boutique where you can buy her fantastic jewellery!

- a swedish blog about a lady who paints the most beautiful furniture! Himlarum also have an online-store!

O`holy sweet
- a blog about a swedish girl who`s making the most fantastic cakes!

- a blog that really inspires me! I wonder how they do it, hats off for them!

Paris Breakfasts
- a delightful blog about Paris, and the girl behind the blog makes the most fantastic artwork! This award is probably just one in a million for her, but she really deserves it!

Coco cupcakes
- a heaven for cookie-monsters like myself, this is artwork!!! A pleasure visiting this blog!!

Remember to e-mail me at by thursday 16.00 for participating on French Friday this week!


  1. Gratulerer med award og MERCI for at jeg er på din liste! Så gøy! Ble så glad! Lykke til på eksamen ( i morgen?)! Når det gjelder oliven caken så har jeg ikke oppskriften. Désolée... (Derimot har jeg en eske makroner, kjøpt i dag!)

  2. Grattis AK. Det fortjente du!!!!!

    Klem fra Lise Sundberg

  3. Thank you so much for the sweet award!! I am always amazed at how far a blog can travel. Your blog is beautiful too!!

    All the best!
    Lyndsay :) (coco cake cupcakes!)

  4. Grattis med award!!
    Koselig at du er med på trekning hos meg;)
    Klem fra Maja


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