lørdag 11. juli 2009

PINK SATURDAY~from my home...

It`s time for PINK SATURDAY again, the great blogparty hosted by Beverly!

Today I`m showing some pink from my home!

Here I have decorated the laundry basket with a pink heart!

In my diningroom I have these beautiful pink jars from Lisbeth Dahl

And some pink (fake...) flowers..always beautiful!

And some pink ballet shoes decorating my livingroom..

and another pair in Olivias room..size= 2 years...

And some jars with pink ribbons on! And some handmade ( not by me though..) pink tablecloths.

These jars are called Norges-glass, and the inscription on them means Norway!

Have a great Pink saturday, and be sure to visit Beverly for more PINK!!

7 kommentarer:

  1. Så skjønne de norgesglassene med rosa bånd og kubbelys var:) Ønsker deg en fin helg:) klem monica

  2. All so lovely. What a great idea for jars. I have saved millions! Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. How lovely! Your blog is always such a pleasure to visit on Pink Saturday! Today it's sunny but most of this summer has been pretty gloomy in my corner of the world. Pink Saturday always gives me a little lift, especially if there isn't any sun outside!

    Have a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine surrounded by your l♥ved ones! Life is good!

  4. I love all your pinks, especially the ballet shoes! Happy PInk Saturday!

  5. Härliga rosa saker du visar :-)och en jättefin blogg du har. Jag lägger till dig som medlem på SIB nu. Välkommen i gänget :-)
    Kram Lisa

  6. You have so many lovely pinks around your home. The ballet slippers are so pretty and graceful. And, the jars are fantastic.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  7. I like your jars - bothe from Lisbeth and the one with "Norway" in it :-)

    Happy Pink Week!


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